MIA – Again!

I know! I know! I have been missing in action again for a number of weeks. Please forgive and rest assured that I have been duly chastised for not writing sooner. I can only plead an overwhelming desire for SLEEP!!!

The truth of the matter is that my super-woman cape has become just a tad bit tattered and frayed over the past year. Twenty-two weeks of chemo…. No problem! (Well, maybe a few little problems but we won’t go there right now!) Double-mastectomy and reconstruction…. Piece of cake! (Honestly, that was E-A-S-Y after the Red Devil). So, imagine my surprise when the simplest procedure of all – this last surgery – was the puzzle piece by which my system finally cried uncle and superwoman temporarily hung up the cape and left the leaping of tall buildings and saving starving children in Africa to someone else.

So, you might ask, what finally caused a system wide shut down that even Microsoft would be proud of? Well, it was a simple oophorectomy, that is, a surgical removal of the ovaries. (And no, I can’t pronounce oophorectomy either! The pronunciation is a mystery!) Because I was positive for the BRCA 1 gene mutation, and because I’d already had breast cancer, the risk of ovarian cancer was 70%. As much as I love those folks at Texas Oncology, I really would rather see them over a glass of frozen frothiness with a little salt and lime on the side. The decision to have the ovaries removed was really a no brainer in my case. As soon as the doctors gave the green light from the mastectomy and reconstruction, we had this little baby scheduled.

Since I’m a project manager by training, I really love efficiency and cutting through to the critical path of the matter and was lucky enough that after the oophorectomy, my plastic surgeon came in and did a little revision work on the original surgery and then also gave me a brand new set of nipples! (You should have seen me wearing those little nipple boobie bumpers around the house to protect them for three weeks! Even more funny was my engineer husband manufacturing more for when the supply from the hospital gave out! He’s so clever!) So, while a day surgery, it was a 3-for-1 session! Talk about a time saver! Yes!

I had a personal goal of trying to complete all the “work” of cancer treatment by the first of the year. I’ve given a year of my life to treating and kicking this bad boy called the Big C’s butt and frankly, Cotton and I are ready for a different adventure…preferably one without quite so many white lab coats and vampires involved. As a result, everything has been a push. We did the mastectomy on the earliest date they would give me the green light after the end of chemo (my hair was still falling out when I had surgery if that puts it in perspective) and then moved on to this surgery as soon as we had a “go” from the doctors. My sick leave is up so I was back at work full time the next day (thank God I work from home and didn’t have a commute!) and I admit it, I just got tired. But, as Wendy would say, stick a fork in me I’m done! And, bit by bit, day by day, I’m getting my energy back and promise it won’t be so long before I post again.

PS… Isn’t it great that the copyright notice says 2014? I made it! Yeah!

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