A Brief Update

To my dear friends and gentle readers…. I’m so sorry that I’ve been quiet this month. It’s been a world wind the past few weeks. I would love to say that I’m fully recovered and life has returned to normal. I would love to say that but unfortunately, that wouldn’t be true. I am still recovering from the effects of chemo and find that I tire much more easily post-chemo than before chemo. The fatigue is easily solved by a late afternoon nap but, even with MS, I’m not used to needing a “power” nap to make it through the day.

The tips of all my fingernails have come off – again from the chemo. I was pretty surprised by that. I knew that chemo pooled in your fingers/toes but no one mentioned that this might be a possibility so it was unexpected. For a while, I had the tips of my fingernails super-glued down as it seemed like every time I touched something, they just ripped further and further into the quick. You’ve never seen funny until you see super-glue on your nails! Talk about looking funny! I would post pictures and share but they’d gross you out! But, the nails are growing and the new and healthy nail bed is now about half-way out so in another 2-3 months, my nails should be back to normal! Because of playing the piano, I’ve never had long nails but can honestly say that I’m just going to be thrilled when I finally have nails of any sort! (Don’t ask me about my toenails, they’re just as bad but you can protect them better than fingernails!)

My hair is growing back! Yeah! It’s been four months since the end of chemo and it’s about a half inch long now. I know – that doesn’t seem like much yet but I didn’t lose all of my hair until six weeks after chemo!!! I finally ventured out to church this morning without my wig. It’s actually kind of interesting watching it grow. I’m definitely going to have my white spot back! That makes me happy – I loved that white streak in my hair! As far as the color goes, well, the verdict is out. It’s very dark, much darker in fact than what I had before, with a lot of grey mixed in. The one thing I can say is that it’s definitely not going to be red! My girlfriend Terri says it’s the color of “mink”. But, it sure does look grey to me!!! It is incredibly soft and I do like that and it shows all the signs of being curly, which I also like. It will be a fun adventure to see what the final version of my new hair looks like. Now, if it would only grow a little faster… I had no idea how much your hair kept you warm in the winter until I didn’t have any!

Tomorrow is the last of my surgeries. We have to leave the house at 4 a.m. to get there by 5. Yuk! But, then stick a fork in me girls and I’ll be done! I can’t wait.

More later…

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