The Big Day

The big day has finally arrived. Tomorrow is the day I get my bionic boobs! Just kidding! They really won’t be bionic but I suspect that by the time the bill comes in, I’ll feel like they cost as must as a bionic body part!

I’ve been asked if I’m nervous but honestly, there’s been no time to be anxious or get nervous about tomorrow. The past two weeks have been crazy in preparation. Last week, we met with the plastic surgeon, Ned Snyder, and did the pre-op at the hospital. Monday it was off to have blood work, an echocardiogram and see the oncologist, Punit Chadha. We also did the final measurement for the trial program which was fun because, of course, there was NOTHING to measure! The tumor is GONE! (Yes!) I understand have a total clinical response to chemo is rare and I thank everyone for all their prayers. Next we were off to the pre-op visit with the general surgeon. Today, we made a trip to the nuclear medicine department at South Austin Hospital for some lovely injections of radioactive dye into the breast (actually, there were four injections into the nipple and that is a topic for an entirely different article – but hey, after three breast biopsies, I can do anything one more time) along with pictures to mark the location of the sentinel node for the biopsy tomorrow.

So, we’re prepared. The appointments are done, the bags are packed, and arrangements have been made to feed the dogs, cat and chickens. Cotton’s iPad and the mobile WiFi have been charged. The truck has gas. I’ve talked to my mother, sister, two of my brothers, daughter, grandchildren, mother-in-law, and multiple friends. I’ve sent out email updates on what’s happening next. Prayers have been said. We have a 5:30 a.m. check-in time and the only thing left is to pretend to sleep between now (11 p.m.) and 4 a.m. when we have to get up. We’ll have to be on the road by 4:30 and I think I’ll skip the makeup tomorrow.

Am I scared? No. If anything, I’m almost excited and looking forward to it. I know that may sound strange to some – that you’re looking forward to a double mastectomy and reconstruction. But, tomorrow marks the beginning of Phase 2 of this journey. Tomorrow brings me one step closer to my goal of regaining my health and life. Life is a good thing. Life is a sweet gift to be savored. Phase 2 is a tool that’s going to help enable me to savor and enjoy this gift called life for a long, long time to come. How can I not look forward to that?

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2 comments on “The Big Day
  1. JosieM says:

    Hi Mary, I’ve been thinking of you a lot over the last week and praying the surgery went as expected. {Hugs}

    • Mary Kyle says:

      Josie… Things went beautifully! I am 100% cancer free – nothing in the sentinel node, lymph glands or in the breast tissue removed. It was WONDERFUL news! I’m recovering and went back to work last week.