Just Call Me N.E.D.

Just call me NED – Mary N.E.D. Inks that is. It has quite the ring to it don’t you think? You see, today, I was given a new name. And, I’m thrilled! I LOVE my new name!

Name changes happen from time to time. Sometimes, people simply don’t like the name they were born with and they rename themselves. Or, perhaps they’ve experienced an event so profound that a name change is the only appropriate action to take. As a musician and author, I know many public figures – singers, performers, actors, or authors – who adopt a “pen” or “stage” name which becomes as much a part of their psyche as their birth name. You only have to do a little digging to find out that John Wayne was born Marion Morrison or that sweet Kitty Wells was once known as Muriel Deason.

Other times, the change in name identity may be given to us by others. One band I played with for years called me Mary Lee (there’s a story behind this, of course, which I’ll save for another day). I have the t-shirts to prove it! And then, there were people whom God Himself renamed. For example, He took a tiny baby named Ben-Oni and called him Benjamin. Then, there was a man named Abram whom He renamed to Abraham. Most of us don’t remember Abram or Ben-Oni so much but Benjamin and Abraham are names most Christians remember well.

Today, I was given a new name – NED. July 3, 2013, approximately 10 a.m. CST: Mark it on the calendar – write it on the wall. It is a date worth remembering. Henceforth, remember me as Mary NED Inks. You see, NED means NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE and today, after 14 weeks of weekly chemo, that is the pronouncement my doctor made. Today was the day we officially measured the cancer tumor for the trial and found cancer wanting – as in, nonexistent. So, I am PROUD and EXCITED and THRILLED to now officially bear the NED – no evidence of disease – name.

So, just call me NED. It’s a name I intend to keep for the rest of my LONG and HEALTHY life.

Yeah, just call me Mary Ned. It’ll grow on you.

© 2013 Mary Kyle. All rights reserved.

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