Rounding the Bend

Yesterday, I rounded the bend. I finished 14 weeks of weekly MM121 and 12 weeks of weekly Taxol. It was a red-letter milestone day. Next week, we start the AC drug combination. I’ll have four treatments, every other week. As of today, there are only four more chemo treatments. Four more!!! That’s it! Barring any complications, the finish line is in sight.

I was never very good at sports but it’s kind of like running a marathon. I can still remember the feeling of reaching the final curve on the track and seeing the finish line ahead – knowing that there’s only a 100-yards left to go and then I’m done. Or, better yet, it’s like the night I played my senior recital in college. That night was the accumulation of a years’ worth of preparation and practice – a night I’d dreamed of for years. I’ll never forget the moment I began the last movement of the Debussy and knew that in just a few more minutes, my goal would be reached. It was an exhilarating moment. That’s how I feel now – exhilarated!

I can almost ‘taste’ the end of chemo and am looking forward to finishing the first leg of the triathlon. Honestly, I never thought I’d make it this far. I’ve surprised myself. Thanks to prayers, God’s good blessings, my husband, daughter, friends and family, I’ve been lifted up and supported at every turn. I’m a little battle weary, sicker than I used to be, and recover a little more slowly each week. But, the finish line is in sight and I’m getting my second wind. I’m busy planning for the second leg of the journey – and pushing to finish this one. As funny as it sounds, I look forward to the next few weeks of chemo and I’m really looking forward to surgery. Both will bring me closer to the ultimate goal – a long, healthy and cancer free life.

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