Can We Say P-A-R-T-Y?

Whooo Hoo! Today was the half-way mark through chemo!!! Yes, ladies, gentlemen, friends, family, and foes, today was the big MILESTONE on my calendar – week 11 out of 22 weeks of chemo. From here on out, Cotton and I are on the downhill side of this bad boy called chemo and kicking cancer butt all the way to the goal line! We’re actually more than half-way through treatment as there are only seven chemo treatments left – 3 more (weekly) on Taxol and then the big bad AC drug combo (every other week, 4 treatments) in July and August. But, making it half-way through chemo time-wise, just seemed to be a great milestone to celebrate – and, celebrate I did!

So, what did I do? Well, my first thought was to have a giant party, invite about 500 people, clean house for three weeks in advance, do yard work, touch up painting on the wood work, barbeque 100 pounds of brisket, drink margaritas and play music until the cows come home. BUT, as my sweet knight-in-shining-armor and protector-in-chief pointed out, that might have been a teeny, tiny bit ambitious given the fact that I need lots of naps these days and I’d either have to clean house or take a nap. Darn it – I really HATE him being right and am afraid I might should have been a little kinder to him on his assessment of the situation (Mr. Engineer hat was on – i.e. pointing out what could “break” in that plan) but – again, DARN IT – I hate it when he’s right!!!!!

On to Plan B for there MUST be a celebration as I honestly wasn’t sure I’d still be standing by this point in time or that I wouldn’t have long since thrown in the white towel and run screaming to a really dark closet (or perhaps just a beach somewhere pretending that what I couldn’t see couldn’t hurt me)… but I digress. My celebration plan? Simple – well sort of. I baked 12 dozen (yes, I know…it’s a well-kept secret that I know how to cook but it happens occasionally for very special events or for people I love) cookies of my most favorite, best-damn-cookie-ever recipe. In case you’ve never had one of ‘my’ cookies, how I wish you had been at chemo to share them. They’re a mouthful of sin and cholesterol (but who cares about the latter?), filled with butter, nuts, chocolate chips, Hersey’s chocolate, and my very secret ingredient, ground oatmeal powder. Yummy…. Delicious… ahhhhhh!

Cotton was in heaven during the baking as he assumed the role of official sampler and taste tester – a role that he heartily embraced I might add. With baking and taste testing complete, I packed up the cookies and surprised the staff – receptionist, lab techs, research nurse, doctors, infusion lab staff, and anyone else I could think of – with their very own personal supply of cookies. After all, they’ve taken marvelous care of me all these weeks and if I can’t have a 500 person, barbeque, picking party, what better way to celebrate. It was absolutely amazing to see how much joy cookies could bring! The nurses were smiling all day long and sneaking cookies with their coffee!

The day got even better when my daughter, Rebekah, showed up with Myra and Calix bearing gifts of delicious roasts to take back home to keep her mommy all healthy. (She’s been cooking for Cotton and I since the journey started and I have to say he’s getting totally spoiled and I’m quite certain he prefers her cooking over mine but wise man that he is, he’s been careful not to share that out loud!) At the same time, sweet Linda Law showed up and the party was truly on. Since I can only have one person in the infusion lab with me, we took the IV pole and moved the party out to waiting area. We “girls” visiting while the kids inhaled cookies (now, where did we put those ADD meds???). Myra and Linda stayed the course with me (Bekah had to go to work) and we truly had a blast. Every so often, I’d pop back into the lab for the next bag of super-power-chemo-juice. The nurses laughed about it and I told them what a delight it was to be out of the lab (IV pole and all) as there were sick people in the lab! I venture to say that I was the easiest patient that they had today.

All in all, today was a great day spent with great people. And, while not the big picking party I originally envisioned, it was actually the perfect way to celebrate this milestone. Linda, Rebekah, Myra and Calix were icing on the cake and made the day PERFECT!

© 2013 Mary Kyle

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