The Chemo Basket!

Who doesn’t like getting presents? Have you ever met a child – or adult for that matter – who doesn’t love finding a little card or note or present from a loved one, friend, co-worker, or a secret admirer? Those Christmas lovers among us know that the majority of fun lies wholly in the delight that dances on the faces of the children (and those young at heart) as they’re handed brightly wrapped bundles containing still undiscovered treasures. I’m not certain which is more fun, watching loved ones create piles of confetti out of ribbons and bows, or watching them sneak packages from under the tree and gently shake as they try to guess the contents!

When it comes to presents, I’m no different than anyone else. Getting a present is a fun delight! It brightens up any day regardless of the circumstances. While I’d never actively solicit a gift (well, except to perhaps give Cotton a few hints now and then!), I have to admit that I have a tiny bit of child in me and love being the recipient of gifts from time to time.

On Sunday, I received a most unexpected gift – 24 of them to be exact. Debbie Cook came up to me after the morning service and asked me if I was going to be around for a few minutes as she had a “little something” for me. A little something? Ha! It was a BASKETFUL of “little somethings” – one little something for each week of chemo (plus an extra two just in case). Wow! As I looked at the basket filled with brightly wrapped packages, I was blown away!

Debbie Cook: An angel bearing gifts for chemo day!

Debbie Cook: An angel bearing gifts for chemo day!

Now, there was a catch. (Of course! With that many presents, there has to be a catch!) I’m only allowed to open one present a week. The way the chemo basket works is that each week I get to open one present after I finish my chemo treatment. (I’ve already been shaking packages and trying to decide which one I’ll open this week!) The presents are a little “reward” for making it one more week farther down the journey – a weekly little treat – a guilty little pleasure to look forward to and savor. And, each week, as the number of presents begin to diminish, the chemo basket will also serve as a powerful visual reminder of how far I’ve come on this journey. I’m already looking forward to the day when the basket is empty!

Angels come in all shapes and forms. Some come bearing baskets of gifts for chemo day.

35 …remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35 (NIV)

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3 comments on “The Chemo Basket!
  1. JosieM says:

    Love this idea! You have such a fantastic support group.

    • Mary Kyle says:

      I really an absolutely blessed. I am surrounded by some truly awesome people! They’ve made it real easy for me to be positive on this journey!

  2. Georgene says:

    Good thing you have a church home and family Mary. I am so glad you put your time and energy into going, establishing the relationships of love and being thankful before all of this happened! God prepares the way and let’s you know you are loved….each step of the way, each week.